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302-304 barrington rd
sw9 7jj

020 7733 1979

High End Photographic and Graphic Design Studio with a wealth of experience in tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of individual clients.

Based in london.

Simulacra Studio Blog

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Now You're Talking #Paros #Greece #PhotoStudio #ComingSoon

francois boutemy

We're always talking about our new studio on the Greek island of Paros, we'd like to show you why we're so in love with the island in this little teaser video, so you'll all be tempted to come to our Summer 2017 workshop programme launching soon.

We're in talks with big industry names to lend their expertise plus we'll be running our own, so come and take advantage of this beautiful location and this studio.

Details coming soon.


Life's Rich Tapestry @SadolinCecilie #music #video

francois boutemy

Music video for Danish singer Cecilie Sadolin shot at Simulacra Studio with our studio manager Hedvig Larsson at the helm as director.

As you can see we sourced a multitude of props and eccentric objects to furnish Hedvig and Cecilie's vision for the piece. I think we got it covered!

Director Hedvig: Larsson, Director of Photography: Francois Boutemy, Production Assistant: Sara Schwartzbloom, Dancer: Marluze Da Cruz, Editors: Sara Schwartzbloom and Hedvig Larsson, Hair and Makeup: Raquel Bester, Styling: Chatty Arts, Location: Simulacra Studio, London SW9.