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302-304 barrington rd
sw9 7jj

020 7733 1979

High End Photographic and Graphic Design Studio with a wealth of experience in tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of individual clients.

Based in london.

Simulacra Studio Blog

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Razzle Dazzle #Showgirl

francois boutemy

Meet our Tiller Girl model Irma Adinda taking part in a shoot at Simulacra Studio showcasing hand made lingerie by Rosie Von Boschan. Rosie's pieces take inspiration from the cult of the showgirl, the Seven Veils, striptease, vintage lingerie, Surrealist costume, Tableux Vivante, Orientalism, Art Nouveau and circus. The shoot was a collaboration with make up artist Jennifer Mulertt.



Summer Vibes @paros_events @nick_jojo

francois boutemy

Our Greek studio Sodium Burn Creative has been working hard on producing promotional footage, unique poster art, merch and a website for new clients Paros Events.

Paros Events recently launched The Santa Maria Music Spectacular,  a month long beach party on Santa Maria Beach, Paros to celebrate 20 years of island clothing label Planet Mushroom.

The beach has a great beach bar hosting DJs and live acts from all over Greece and beyond throughout July and August.

First up on the decks was Athenian House DJ Nick JoJo.


Reebok In The House #Reebok @Reebok #Event

francois boutemy

To celebrate the launch of the latest exclusive release with Reebok Classic, the new Club Workout, we teamed up with the brand to put on a special launch event at Brixton’s Simulacra Studio AKA AirSpace venue, celebrating all things classic and the coming together of cultures.

On display were samples of original Reebok Workout’s and Club C’s from the brands archive, alongside the new addition; a coming together of two elements to create something new.

Hosted by the Radar Radio crew, the soundtrack for the evening was an especially eclectic one in light of us hosting the event in Brixton, the multi-cultural hub of South London. A host of DJ’s helped warm up the venue including Radar regulars The Spot. Radar resident Kenny Allstar was on hand to host the evening, dropping a heavily Bashment infused playlist to set the crowd off. Nottingham duo Young T & Bugsey were the first live performance of the evening, setting the tempo for the rest of the night in the build up to the main event. By this time the crowd were LIVE, with Kenny then handing the stage over to grime veteran Ghetts to finish the night off right.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a new edition of size? sessions featuring Ghetts & Kenny Allstar…

The size? Exclusive Reebok Club Workout is now available online and in size? stores now.