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302-304 barrington rd
sw9 7jj

020 7733 1979

High End Photographic and Graphic Design Studio with a wealth of experience in tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of individual clients.

Based in london.

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Part Of The Process @SodiumBurn #Greece #Paros #Photostudio #Photography #Workshops

francois boutemy

Walls coming down.

Curve on the roof.

Backyard terrace

Roof bar

It may seem like a tall order but this is the stuff dreams are made of. Our co conspirators at Sodium Burn Creative have already started smashing walls down in the new building in Paros, Greece, making space for a studio and office. The roof curve, bar and more will be taking shape this summer ready for a selection of workshops with some very special guests.

Of course we ask you, rather breathlessly to watch this space.