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302-304 barrington rd
sw9 7jj

020 7733 1979

High End Photographic and Graphic Design Studio with a wealth of experience in tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of individual clients.

Based in london.

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Exceptional Photo Studio With Good Rates and Inclusive Kit For Hire, London SW9

francois boutemy

Searching for a photo studio in London with highly competitive rates, technically competent and helpful staff and various hire packages to choose from then Simulacra Studio London SW9 is an obvious first choice.

Located just minutes walk from the famous Brixton market in Victorian railway arches, Simulacra Studio and it's staff have been getting the nod from their many clients including Ralph Lauren, Jasper Conran, National Geographic, Channel 4 and more.

The studio prides itself on being run for photographers by photographers meaning the team share your skills and passion for producing the best work possible and they're there to help you achieve this.

The most popular area is Studio One in the region of £250 for a full day 10-6.

This space offers 2000 square feet of interrupted space with vast shooting area and very high ceilings,  overlooking mezzanine balcony, boudoir style make-up suite with power shower, mobile hairdressing backwash unit, barber chair and Hollywood lighting plus useful little extras such as a clothing steamer and iron.

There is a spacious green room/bar area with pool table also with drinks available.

Upstairs and entirely separate Studio Two is a smaller space at 700 square feet with a bespoke, inbuilt makeup station stunning natural daylight with full blackout capacity and oak flooring throughout.

Each studio has Colorama, green screen, free tea and coffee and wifi.

There is parking on site for two vehicles.

Situated over the road there are extensive extra spaces with stripped brick and antique features available for hire, again with inclusive basic lighting included in the hire fee.

An additional Mediterranean wing of the company is opening this summer 2016 on the spectacular Greek island of Paros in the Cyclades this summer 2016. This new photo studio will cater for visiting crews, longer residencies, workshops with stellar industry names and more.

The island offers incredible location shoots, golden beaches, turquoise sea and historic architecture all about 3 hours from Gatwick.

The studio ethos is all about making the shoot run seamlessly for the client, they'll set up lighting and colorama for you to your specifics so you're ready to begin virtually on arrival saving vital time.

Get in touch 07960 124249